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The Last Place of the TOYOTOMI Family

In a small section of the huge Osaka Castle Park, a stone monument stands silently. Stone_monument

It says “Here is the place where TOYOTOMI Hideyori and Yodo-dono killed themselves with swords.” The place is said to be the last place of the Toyotomi Family.

Hideyori is the son of TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi, who unified Japan for the first time and ended the Sengoku Era (the Age of Civil War).
After the death of Hideyoshi, Hideyori succeeded his father, but Toyotomi’s army was defeated by the Tokugawa Shogunate at the battle of Osaka Natsu-no-Jin in 1615.  Hideyori and his mother, Yodo-dono, took their own lives here. 

Osaka Castle, a symbol of the prosperity of the Toyotomi Family, was completely destroyed and burnt down by Tokugawa's army.

The current modern Osaka Castle was reconstructed with the help of donations given by the citizens of Osaka in 1931.  It is now a famous symbol of modern-day Osaka City.  The stone monument stands alone in an obscure place below the castle.Castle

In the grounds of Taiyuji Temple located about 3 km from the stone monument, there is a 6-story stone pagoda which is said to be the grave of Yodo-dono.


She is respected as a strong-willed woman who lived in a turbulent age and many women pay a visit to her grave.   


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